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Okay guys, look at that! We harvested these sweet potatoes from Sara’s mothers house yesterday. She does a lot of backyard gardening, living on an acre of land herself (we have much to learn from her.) These potatoes were completely unattended and we only stumbled upon them because we were planting some sugar cane near by. Crazy, right? That large one weighed almost 10 pounds! In the second photo, the potatoes to the right are the same variety. We boiled some of it right away and it was delicious. We are thinking about making a dessert with the rest. 

Did you know there are 6,500 varieties of sweet potato worldwide?! 

If you never thought plants could be horrifying on a Cronenbergian level, welcome to the land of tubers run amok! I’ve seen a couple of these undisciplined sweet potatoes popping up in our feed, and felt I’d post this as a PSA for those who think these starchy treats are “love ‘em and leave ‘em”-style garden inclusions.

If you’re going to grow, keep your potatoes in check! —MN

I like sweet potatoes, but that thing is gnarly as hell.