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goats are assholes and I fucking love them for it

Wee prancy bastards


    goats are assholes and I fucking love them for it




    Wee prancy bastards

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  4. Goddamnit, Tumblr. I had an extremely important gif that needed to be uploaded earlier today.

    Thanks for nothing!

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    Positive alternative to “the walk of shame”: 

    “Got Laid Parade”


    They call it “the stride of pride” in The Sims and it’s hilarious.

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    Retta is my favorite


  9. I still can’t watch Little Women past the scene when Jo turns down Laurie.



    I just can’t! It’s the worst decision in the history of literature, immortalised on the big screen. I wouldn’t hurt so much if I didn’t know Laurie ends up with that brat Amy while Jo marries that old guy. But I do, and I HATE it!

    I bet after the book was published and Louisa May Alcott re-read she was like oh fuck…


    I used to think this. For the longest time I resented the fact that Amy got the rich, gorgeous husband while Jo ended up with an impoverished, average-looking older man.

    But I reread the book when I was older and have completely changed my view. Laurie is a lightweight who didn’t deserve Jo. He’s never had to struggle for anything. He and Amy were perfect for each other in that regard and many others—they’re both cute, lucky, selfish, and largely talentless dabblers.

    Jo, on the other hand, is talented, hard-working, and has had to struggle and fight to get what she wanted. Professor Bhaer is brilliant, kind, selfless, and pushes Jo to be the best she can be. He challenges Jo; Laurie would’ve bored her. I think everyone ended up with the right partner.

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    The New York Times Magazine Hollywood Issue
    Heroines - Quvenzhané Wallis (x)

    The film is adorable.

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    DreamWork’s Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) Pencil Test 

    We’re galloping on out of here like this guy.  Have a good night everybody! - Nell

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    if all of your reaction gifs are Black folks and you’re not Black…please take a moment to think about that

    …and by “think about that” i mean critically engage (and then correct) the way that you are reproducing dehumanizing anti-Black racism by reducing Black folks to looped animations of a few seconds that enable you to ~*~humorously~*~ express yourself

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