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The Chevron Guarantee: Our well won't explode...or your pizza is free! →

There are not enough WTF’s in the world to describe this situation.

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As a fellow Asian, I am asking you to shut the fuck up and shut down your shitty, anti-black blog. You are not helping end anti-Asian racism by attacking black people. If you actually care about ending anti-Asian racism, you have to go to the source: white supremacy. Attack that.

As for the LA riots. Shit. That happened in 1992—were you even alive back then? I am older than most Tumblr users and I was in early grade school when that happened.

Look, shithead, it’s racist and ignorant to blame black people for what happened to the Korean community back then. Why not blame the white establishment for failing to protect those businesses? Why not blame LA police for being racist pigs who had been terrorizing the black and minority communities in LA for decades? Why not blame white Americans for doing their best through redlining, discriminatory hiring practices, etc. to keep African Americans an impoverished and oppressed class? Your anti-black racism is preventing you from seeing the bigger picture.

People like 2547567 are so fucking embarrassing. They don’t seem to realize or care that Asian American identity politics is inspired by/modeled on/lifted from African American scholarship and activism (same goes for most other ethnic groups in the U.S.) They’re the wellspring of all anti-racist movements in this country. If you call yourself an anti-racist activist and also shit on black people, you’re nothing but a bigoted hypocrite.

I wish there were some kind of formal repudiation ceremony I could do in cases like these…”2547567, I rebuke thee!”

lol? maybe YOUR ” Asian American identity politics is inspired by/modeled on/lifted from African American scholarship and activism” but mine are drawn from my OWN FILIPINO PEOPLE AND THEIR OWN MOVEMENTS WOW. So maybe you feel indebted to some black power movement but as black people have said THEY CARE FOR THEIR OWN CAUSE, NOT OTHER POC so ASIANS SHOULD ALSO DO THE SAME, HOW IS THAT ANTI-BLACK?

and when is calling our blacks on their anti-Asian attitudes shitting on black people? Learn to differentiate?

” it’s racist and ignorant to blame black people for what happened to the Korean community back then. Why not blame the white establishment for failing to protect those businesses? “



This is my last post on this subject because it’s clear you’re not only racist and deeply misguided, but probably around 14 years old.

1. How is it looking after your own to attack an entire race of people who haven’t done a goddamned thing to you? Your original post was bullshit and many people have pointed out why.

2. I’m certainly not excusing anti-Asian racism among black people or anyone. But attacking it in the way you did was not only itself racist, but is futile. Incidents of racism by POC against other POC in this country are just symptoms of the actual problem, which is white supremacy. You can’t divorce criticism of anti-Asian racism by other POC from the context in which that racism flourishes. I mean, technically you can, but the end result is going to be incoherent garbage.

3. You’re not Korean but you decided it was OK to appropriate the suffering of Korean Americans in order to fuel your anti-black racism. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that this is not about fighting racism for you, but engaging in anti-black bigotry. Only racists go digging around for fuel like that.

4. What’s funny about your anti-black ranting is that you’re ignoring colorism and racism against Filipinos by other Asians. Including the ones whose recent history you’re trying to use to fuel anti-black racism. Do you not remember that, as a Filipino, other Asians have historically looked down on you? Have you missed the fact that how non-Filipino Asians treat Filipinos bears more than a passing resemblance to how whites treat blacks in this country? If your anti-racism were really modeled after Filipino activism, then you’d be fully aware of all of that.

I rebuke and repudiate your ass.

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Author Scott Lynch responds to a critic of the character Zamira Drakasha, a black woman pirate in his fantasy book Red Seas Under Red Skies, the second novel of the Gentleman Bastard series.




The bolded sections represent quotes from the criticism he received. All the z-snaps are in order.

Your characters are unrealistic stereotpyes of political correctness. Is it really necessary for the sake of popular sensibilities to have in a fantasy what we have in the real world? I read fantasy to get away from politically correct cliches. 

God, yes! If there’s one thing fantasy is just crawling with these days it’s widowed black middle-aged pirate moms. 

Real sea pirates could not be controlled by women, they were vicous rapits and murderers and I am sorry to say it was a man’s world. It is unrealistic wish fulfilment for you and your readers to have so many female pirates, especially if you want to be politically correct about it!

First, I will pretend that your last sentence makes sense because it will save us all time. Second, now you’re pissing me off. 

You know what? Yeah, Zamira Drakasha, middle-aged pirate mother of two, is a wish-fulfillment fantasy. I realized this as she was evolving on the page, and you know what? I fucking embrace it. 

Why shouldn’t middle-aged mothers get a wish-fulfillment character, you sad little bigot? Everyone else does. H.L. Mencken once wrote that “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” I can’t think of anyone to whom that applies more than my own mom, and the mothers on my friends list, with the incredible demands on time and spirit they face in their efforts to raise their kids, preserve their families, and save their own identity/sanity into the bargain. 

Shit yes, Zamira Drakasha, leaping across the gap between burning ships with twin sabers in hand to kick in some fucking heads and sail off into the sunset with her toddlers in her arms and a hold full of plundered goods, is a wish-fulfillment fantasy from hell. I offer her up on a silver platter with a fucking bow on top; I hope she amuses and delights. In my fictional world, opportunities for butt-kicking do not cease merely because one isn’t a beautiful teenager or a muscle-wrapped font of testosterone. In my fictional universe, the main characters are a fat ugly guy and a skinny forgettable guy, with a supporting cast that includes “SBF, 41, nonsmoker, 2 children, buccaneer of no fixed abode, seeks unescorted merchant for light boarding, heavy plunder.”

You don’t like it? Don’t buy my books. Get your own fictional universe. Your cabbage-water vision of worldbuilding bores me to tears. 

As for the “man’s world” thing, religious sentiments and gender prejudices flow differently in this fictional world. Women are regarded as luckier, better sailors than men. It’s regarded as folly for a ship to put to sea without at least one female officer; there are several all-female naval military traditions dating back centuries, and Drakasha comes from one of them. As for claims to “realism,” your complaint is of a kind with those from bigoted hand-wringers who whine that women can’t possibly fly combat aircraft, command naval vessels, serve in infantry actions, work as firefighters, police officers, etc. despite the fact that they do all of those things— and are, for a certainty, doing them all somewhere at this very minute. Tell me that a fit fortyish woman with 25+ years of experience at sea and several decades of live bladefighting practice under her belt isn’t a threat when she runs across the deck toward you, and I’ll tell you something in return— you’re gonna die of stab wounds.

What you’re really complaining about isn’t the fact that my fiction violates some objective “reality,” but rather that it impinges upon your sad, dull little conception of how the world works. I’m not beholden to the confirmation of your prejudices; to be perfectly frank, the prospect of confining the female characters in my story to placid, helpless secondary places in the narrative is so goddamn boring that I would rather not write at all. I’m not writing history, I’m writing speculative fiction. Nobody’s going to force you to buy it. Conversely, you’re cracked if you think you can persuade me not to write about what amuses and excites me in deference to your vision, because your vision fucking sucks.

I do not expect to change your mind but i hope that you will at least consider that I and others will not be buying your work because of these issues. I have been reading science fiction and fantasy for years and i know that I speak for a great many people. I hope you might stop to think about the sales you will lose because you want to bring your political corectness and foul language into fantasy. if we wanted those things we could go to the movies. Think about this! 

Thank you for your sentiments. I offer you in exchange this engraved invitation to go piss up a hill, suitable for framing.

Dude. I bounced off his first book in that series, but that character MIGHT just convince me to give it another try.

Also, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Ching Shih, the Red Lady, Lai Sho Sz’en, Grace O’Malley, Sayyida al Hurra, the Lioness of Brittany, Mary Killigrew, Lo Hon-cho, and quite a few others.


This guy is such a patriarchal bigot that he actually wrote to Scott Lynch because he thinks all fictional worlds should be sexist and racist too. Lynch’s response was perfect.

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Women should always be sexy

I was looking for a white woman analogue to Frida Kahlo that I could Photoshop and remembered Alice Neel.

Like Kahlo, Alice Neel was an artist known for emotionally intense, psychologically probing portraits that didn’t attempt to prettify their subjects. Unlike Kahlo, who is famous for her self-portraits, Neel didn’t paint her first self-portrait until she was approaching the end of her life:


Kahlo carefully portrayed her facial hair as well as her beautiful clothes because she didn’t view the former as something to be ashamed of or hidden. The facial hair and physical deformities were as much a part of her identity as anything else, yet it’s always the clothes and style that white Americans seem to see.

Neel also portrayed herself frankly, asserting ownership over her aged, non-idealized body by showing herself gazing directly at the viewer:

As an activist for women’s rights during the 1960’s, Neel pursued art as a pathway to greater freedom. In her self-portrait she responds to the traditional idealized female nude with her own form—one that celebrates the soul’s beauty rather than the beauty of surfaces and that values self-assertion over demure passivity. Mary Winkler writes of the work, “Traditional assumptions about female agency and female beauty seem shoddy under the honest, sardonic gaze of an old woman who wills herself to know herself—naked.” “She is as she is.” (Dittrich, L. Ed. Ten Years of Medicine and the Arts. Washington, D.C.: Association of American Medical Colleges, 2001, p. 127) (via)

But fuck all that feminist bullshit, amirite guys? With a little editing, we could make Neel glamorous and thus acceptable for public consumption:



When someone says “Kids won’t understand how two men can be married” what they mean, what they’re trying to say, is “I don’t understand how two men can be married.” When they say “Kids won’t understand why their dick looks different from daddy’s” they’re trying to explain “I don’t understand why you want to be different from tradition.” When they say “Kids won’t know who’s the daddy and who’s the mommy” they are telling you “I cannot comprehend a world without very rigid gender roles, and as far as I know neither can anyone else.” If anyone can think of a counterexample, let me know, but from where I’m standing, it looks like every use of the “confused kids” argument is just people pushing their own incomprehension off onto some largely-hypothetical kids.
Personally, I don’t trust one Muslim in our military because they’re commanded to lie to us through the term called Taqiyya. And if they truly are a devout Muslim, and follow the Quran and the Sunnah, then I feel threatened because they’re commanded to kill me.

— State representative Rick Womick (R-TN) on why he’s against Muslims in the military. Appropriately, Womick decided Veterans Day would be the perfect time for him to air his hatefulness.

…The kids that were victims or whatever they want to say, I think we all ought to say a prayer for them. Tough life, when people do certain things to you.

Joe Paterno, who managed to cram a whole lot of assholery in a very brief statement to supporters

Bachmann: raise taxes on poor people to ease the burden on the rich



In case you needed any more evidence that a principle tenet of the modern GOP is to transfer ever-increasing amounts of wealth upward from the poor and the middle class to the economic elites, along comes Michele Bachmann to provide all the evidence you could ever need. And you know it’s especially bad when Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal feels the need to weigh in:
Republican presidential candidates have been resolutely opposed to tax increases in the debate over the nation’s budget straits, but Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann this week suggested there’s one group that needs to be paying more: poor people who pay nothing now.

At a town-hall meeting Tuesday given by the South Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce in Columbia, a questioner noted that major U.S. corporations are paying “very few dollars of federal income taxes, if any.” He prefaced his point by saying the Bible advises us to render unto Caesar what Caesar is due.

Ms. Bachmann turned the conversation elsewhere: “Part of the problem is today, only 53% pay any federal income tax at all; 47% pay nothing,” the former federal tax attorney said. “We need to broaden the base so that everybody pays something, even if it’s a dollar.”

This is Bachmann logic: wealthy corporations paying no income taxes isn’t a problem, but poor people who don’t even make enough to pay income taxes or who have their tax burden wholly offset by deductions like, for example, taking care of children—well, those worthless losers had better start funneling more money up the supply chain, in Bachmann’s worldview.

The best part? Raising taxes on the poor will be good for them, because it’ll mean the rich won’t have to pay as much—which is good for poor people, because:

Doug Sachtleben, a campaign spokesman, said Ms. Bachmann believes “everyone benefits from taxes paid into the system, and everybody should participate.” But, he said, that would ultimately redound to the benefit of the poor. A fairer, simpler, flatter tax system would ease the hit on “job creators” and boost the economy, which would raise all boats, he said.

Got that? If you’re struggling to get by, your problem is that not enough of your money is going to pad the coffers of rich people. Just a little bit more, says Bachmann, and they’ll create a better job for you. Because it’s exactly like the Heritage Foundation says: if you have a ceiling fan and a microwave, what the hell are you complaining about?

Heh… maybe the fact that the middle class carries more tax burden than the “upper” class?

But hey, I’m not allowed to complain about anything because I have a car, an apartment and a television.

Republicans really won’t be happy until we’re living in a feudal society again. Poor people are inherently lazy and depraved and need the boot of the landed gentry on their necks to motivate them to work and say their prayers. Women should be shut up in nunneries or married housewives pumping out babies and obeying our husbands. Clerics should once again take their place as part of the political ruling class. And we’ll invade the Holy Land in order to wrest control of it from the infidels.

It’s all making sense now.

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The new "Let them eat cake!" →


10 shocking, illuminating moments that prove just how out of touch the powerful really are.

Number 2: The Palaces That Taxpayers Built

In Louisville, Ky., as the city struggles with high unemployment, Goldman Sachs engineered a scheme to construct a huge new sports arena that is now siphoning millions of dollars of public money into the investment bank’s coffers. In Jefferson County, Ala., Goldman orchestrated the construction of what’s been called “the Taj Mahal of sewer-treatment plants” — a massive boondoggle that has bankrupted the county and, once again, made Goldman huge money. And in New York, where public budgets are being gutted, Goldman just opened a monstrous $2 billion headquarters, financed by what Bloomberg News calls “unprecedented” aid from taxpayers. []

Definitely click through to the link. This will get your blood boiling. This isn’t a democracy; it’s a fucking plutocracy.

Number 4: For Me, but Not for Thee

 One of the hallmarks of Let Them Eat Cake-ism is an absolute lack of self-awareness mixed with a complete disregard for hypocrisy or personal responsibility. The end result is an especially nauseating “for me, but not for thee” attitude.

In this recession, that has manifested itself as bankers walking away from their obligations to cover their own losses and happily vacuuming up public bailout dollars — all while lecturing strapped homeowners about their moral responsibility to pay their bills.

Recall that in February 2009, Jamie Dimon — the $17-million-a-year CEO of the bailed-out JP Morgan — went on CNBC to deliver a sermon about the moral obligation of covering one’s own losses and not running to someone else for help.

"I don’t think just because someone’s underwater [in their home], they say, I don’t have to stay there," he said. "They’re supposed to pay the mortgage, and we should teach the American people, you’re supposed to meet your obligations, not run from them."

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The Selfish Revolution →

"If I can’t have you, no one can!" seems to be the mantra of Republicans with regards to this country.  I think everything about this debt ceiling debacle can be understood in those terms—-if Real Americans® have to share power with the pointy-heads, black people, gays and lesbians, Mexican immigrants and their families, feminists, Muslims, and hippies who run organic food stores, well, they’re not going to do it.  Teabaggers are always talking about a revolution; did we honestly think that it wouldn’t matter that they believe that it would be better to burn the country to the ground than to share it?

NY cops attack, punch Black teen for saying "doo-doo" | NY Daily News →


Where are all the “It Gets Better” videos aimed at addressing the epidemic of bullying of Black youth by police?


A Bronx teen said two cops roughed him up when he made a quip after one of them stepped in a pile of dog doo.

 … “It smells like doo-doo,” he remembers saying and then immediately regretting when he saw a uniformed cop scraping his shoe clean. At that point, he said other officers in an unmarked van nearby scolded him for making a joke, then handcuffed him and took him to the 46th Precinct.

He said two of the cops followed him when he was released after getting a disorderly conduct summons and led him into an alley. One punched him in the right ear, the other in the forehead, he said.

Davis said he fell and hit his head on a brick wall during the 30-second attack. “I thought I was going to die,” he said.

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Oh Wow.It’s not just in your head.
States Enact Record Number of Abortion Restrictions in First Half of 2011

Because legal abortions are one the biggest problem that we, as a nation, are facing in 2011. Good thing state legislators are spending their time focusing on shit that matters!


Oh Wow.It’s not just in your head.

States Enact Record Number of Abortion Restrictions in First Half of 2011

Because legal abortions are one the biggest problem that we, as a nation, are facing in 2011. Good thing state legislators are spending their time focusing on shit that matters!

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UPDATED: Kansas to Shut Down All BUT ONE Abortion Clinic Friday →

It’s official. Every abortion provider in the state of Kansas has been denied a license to continue operating as of July 1. As we reported last week, strict new state laws put in place this month threatened to close the remaining three abortion clinics in Kansas. […]

The new law, which takes effect Friday, establishes new standards for abortion providers—standards apparently designed to make compliance difficult. The rules require changes to the size and number of rooms, compel clinics to have additional supplies on hand, and even mandate room temperatures for the facilities. Given that the rules were released less than two weeks before clinics were expected to be in compliance, many providers knew they wouldn’t be able to obtain a license to continue operating. The laws, often called “targeted regulation of abortion providers,” or TRAP laws, are an increasingly common legislative maneuver to limit access to abortion by rendering it tough, if not impossible, for providers to comply.

The story is still developing, but the prospects for keeping abortion clinics open in Kansas seem grim.

Great job, Kansas! If this new law has the effect that anti-choice legislators intended, then you’ll be the first state to outlaw de facto a constitutional right. The tactics anti-choicers are using to undermine reproductive choice reminds me of grandfather clauses and poll taxes in the Jim Crow south. A right is worthless if the state does everything in its power to make it inaccessible to you.

ETA: Update here.

It took just 2 scripts and 15 minutes to change the Google web search back to the way it was

First Netflix and Tumblr make their sites uglier and less user-friendly, and now Google.

The internet is going to hell in a poorly designed handbasket.

yes I would shoot poor design in the fucking face