1. It’s wrong and shallow of me

    …but I will totally reject guys on OKCupid based on their noses. Even if they’re otherwise attractive.

    I don’t like my nose. It has more character than beauty. So I need a good nose on my potential mate in case we ever reproduce. I need a reliable nose in the gene mix so my kids will have a fighting chance.


    (Stay tuned for a future post where I neurotically obsess about chinlessness, theoretical life partners, and nonexistent children.)

    1. egryan said: I think Courtney Love said this exact thing in her Behind the Music special. (Not kidding!)
    2. reelbrains said: I WILL NOT ACCEPT THUMB FACES. IF YOU HAVE NO CHIN, YOU ARE DEAD TO ME. I like long/large noses, as hinted by my massive crush on Adrien Brody. :P
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