epic713 answered your question: Print vs. cursive poll

    I use cursive.. then again I’ve been in Catholic school my whole life -1991

    Hm, interesting. I was in a parochial school until I reached 14. I was taught to write cursive by (for reals) a nun.

    Did public schools abandon teaching cursive earlier than Catholic schools?

    1. roarmorris answered: I’m sure it depends on district or school. The public school I went to still teaches, but it doesn’t seem to be as important.
    2. aka14kgold said: Huh. I wonder how much has to do with enforcement, especially for us combination folk. Like, I was taught it, but by junior high the only thing teachers asked for was legibility.
    3. reelbrains answered: There wasn’t much effort in my NYC public school; we had a class or two on it, but our teacher found herself pressed with citywide exams.
    4. ladonnapietra answered: It’s been a gradual thing over the years, but yes.
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