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Print vs. cursive poll

Inspired by a recent post by Reelbrains.

I’d guess that people born in the ’90s and later are more likely to print while people born in the ’80s and earlier are more likely to use some form of cursive (a combo of print + cursive counts as cursive for my purposes).

ETA: I was born in 1981 and I write in a modified cursive with some print thrown in. I find printing to be slow.

So who here writes in print and who uses cursive? And what year were you born?

  1. barringtonsmiles answered: I was born in 1990 in NYC and was taught both separately, in the third grade. It was mandatory to know both. Public school, btw..
  2. bottledblue answered: a cursive/print mixture, 1994
  3. historic-upstart answered: Born in 1981 as well - cursive all the way, baby!!!
  4. sorensam said: Cursive/print. Born in 1984
  5. spirited-gazelle answered: I was born in 1990 and i use a combo of print and cursive that I’ve always called ‘printive’. Teachers quit requiring cursive after grade 5
  6. availa answered: 93, print, never learned/never wanted to learn cursive
  7. celestiallantern answered: chicken scratch print. 89
  8. frystavirki answered: Cursive-y print, 1993. I was taught cursive in my second grade class and had to use it until fifth grade, but none of my peers did.
  9. anabeartallcake answered: I print, but it sort of looke like cursive because I’m too lazy to pick up the pen. I was born in ‘84.
  10. roarmorris answered: 1992; I use cursive (rather, cursive/print combo). My printing feels too sloppy, and strict cursive is too slow.
  11. annieoakley5evah said: Cursive, 1985
  12. epic713 answered: I use cursive.. then again I’ve been in Catholic school my whole life -1991
  13. showmeyourzits answered: I generally use a print/cursive combo. Born in 1990.
  14. muralgirl answered: Cursive, 1981.
  15. ddolllaaaaz answered: mix . 1996
  16. alfa-limalimon answered: I write mostly in cursive, I was born in ‘82
  17. bernadettera answered: I was born in 1991 and I mainly use cursive. I write neater and faster in cursive and usually revert back to it when I print anyway.
  18. panda-is-patient said: Born in 1986, I print - I only use cursive when I have to sign something and it’s completely illegible and awkward. I write far more quickly and legibly when I print.
  19. europhobickhaleesifromdc answered: I was born in 1990, and I write in a weird cursive-print hybrid. But my grade school was the last in my city to stop teaching cursive.
  20. negatronic answered: 1983. Learning cursive was A Big Deal. I use cursive when I want to write quickly, print when I want to write clearly.
  21. aka14kgold answered: Cursive combo—1978
  22. kynodontas said: I do both! block printing for taking notes and filling out forms, cursive for everything else.
  23. chetmanley answered: Cursive, 1987
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    This is really interesting to me, because the other people in my MA program in early childhood ed often talked about...
  25. overratedunderwhelmed answered: Combo, mostly print. 1978.
  26. dustoffvarnya said: Born in ‘86.
  27. nerdling answered: 1978, messy hybrid of linked print/cursive. Mostly because I got sick of my mom bitching about my shitty cursive handwriting.
  28. monasequeda said: 80s- I use a combo print/cursive (but more cursive)
  29. bedbugsbiting answered: 1978, cursive + print combo
  30. reelbrains answered: 1987. I mostly write in print, but sometimes I use a weird hybrid of both when I’m in a hurry.
  31. dustoffvarnya answered: Gradually shifted to print, even though I still love cursive.
  32. hollywoodfetus answered: I usually print notes in lowercase and lists in all caps, but my lowercase sometimes morphs into some cursive cursive - 1977
  33. mustlovemecha answered: I use print, and I was born in 1991.
  34. fairelemort answered: I print with all captial letters; I was born in 1987.
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