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Re: Scotch tape manis

Most of the nail art blogs I read suggest using regular old Scotch tape (not transparent tape) to do manis like this one:

Cut up all your tape up before painting your nails. Chloe’s Nails suggests sticking the tape pieces on your hands (I put them on the backs of my hands) to reduce the stickiness a bit.

After applying your basecoat and letting it dry, paint on your base color. Let it completely dry first. Then position the tape on your nail (do one at a time) and apply the next color.

Remove the tape while the polish is still wet. This will prevent the tape from peeling off too much polish. Apply a fast-dry top coat and you’re done!

Remember: only do one nail at a time. This may take longer, but it will prevent you from screwing your mani up.

Tip: Use a small pair of very sharp scissors to cut up the tape. Keep alcohol wipes handy to clean off the blades since they’ll get gummy and won’t cut as precisely after awhile. You could also experiment with using craft scissors like pinking shears to create designs.

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