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Remember friendship bracelets?

These were super popular when I was in grade school. There were some girls I knew who were good (and obsessed) enough to make them during class, beneath their desks, without really needing to look down. I never got the knack of making these (I never figured out how to French braid hair, either).

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    I wish i had more time to do these..
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    Oh man, with the help of Klutz I made so many four strand friendship bracelets! But couldn’t figure out higher than...
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    I could never make the intricate ones, but I totally had 3 inches worth of them on each wrist (and a Swatch, of course)....
  7. slaybelle said: I never figured out how to make these or friendship pins. I did this year learn how to both french braid and make a fishtail braid with videos on YouTube. I am 35.
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    I think I could actually still do this. My best friend in junior high walked around with a giant tackle box of...
  9. yeezus-christ2 said: I never made those but the other ones that you did with the plastic? Those were my specialty. Damn, I haven’t thought about those in years.
  10. aaniaa said: Ohh I loved making these. I never made them in school though, just camp for some reason. In grade school, my friends and I swang on the swings and sang songs from the Lion King. We were cool.
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