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Slutwalk, the n-word, and moral cowardice

I’ve been staying quiet about the Slutwalk NYC racefail so far because I didn’t feel like I had anything significant to add. There have been lots of WOC here on Tumblr and in the blogosphere who have written brilliantly about it.

But lately, I keep seeing people on my Dash bringing up Yoko Ono as an excuse of some sort. So, as an Asian American woman, I felt moved to finally say something. Here it is:

The fact that another woman used the n-word once to make a political point doesn’t excuse this fuckery, White people:

And it still doesn’t matter if the woman who coined the phrase and wrote that song was not White. In fact, she’s not off the hook for using the n-word either! Asians have had a long, shameful history of participating in White oppression of Blacks.

Plus, Yoko was writing from a place of profound ignorance about American racial politics. 1) She was an immigrant from a country where she was in the ethnic majority 2) She coined the phrase and co-wrote the song in the 1970s—hardly a time of racial enlightenment! Like so many other feminists, Ono and Lennon are guilty of having used Black women’s backs as a bridge to ‘progress’. How exactly does bringing Ono up excuse those White women in the picture above, the Slutwalk organizers, or their defenders?

What kind of damned fool thinks Asian ignorance and racism can be used to excuse White ignorance and racism?

Yoko Ono did not give White feminists a Hood Pass! John Lennon did not give White feminists a Hood Pass! There’s no such thing as a fucking Hood Pass! There is no non-problematic way for a non-Black person to use the n-word. None.

It is downright pitiful that people keep trying to hide their racism behind a dead musician and an ignorant Asian.

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